SRI Compound – Overview and Simplified Preliminary Demonstration

Overview and Simplified Preliminary Demonstration

Our starting point is the standard production output from a 40 mesh crumb rubber producer. While the “Surface Activation Process” is effective with material ranging from 40 mesh and better all the way to Cryogenic crumb in the 120 to 200 mesh range, we will be carrying out our process trials with standard generic 40 mesh “whole truck” dust. Once activated the highly reactive material is subjected to either a modified reclaim process or any one of the devulcanization technologies currently available. Proprietary processing aids would then be added to the mix and the resultant reactivated compound is then blended with a modified version of the virgin compound used by manufacturers. What you have at this point is a custom compound that has been tailored to whichever product category intended (in this case heavy truck retread compound). This material which is now a thoroughbred raw material, can be added into their process line with no material modification, added process activity or any additional cost factors in the manufacturers operation and most importantly without any appreciable loss in properties. This has never been viably and cost effectively done before, there have been material approximations, mostly in the form of fillers or processing aids masquerading as raw materials, none of which are remotely comparable. This in itself is a significant factor, effectively the SRI Compound would be dropped into the final minute of their normal production mixing cycle in their Banburys or intermixs. The manufacturer would be able to substitute virgin compound with our recycled compound ranging in proportions from 5% to up to 30% subject to the application and the properties required without any appreciable loss in properties allowing them to be environmentally responsible while enhancing their viability. The SRI Compound once fully developed will be a world beating recycling solution, setting a totally new standard for performance and viability.

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