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Advanced Solutions for Tomorrow’s Compounds

Great attention is paid to our SRI Compounds ability to function as a raw material  that does not require any change or modification to existing production process. Quite often in the case of the newer Banbury/Intermixes our compounds may be added in literally the last minute of the mixing cycle. Our technology is volume processing based allowing for maximum economies of scale, highest devulcanization efficiencies and  lowest energy consumption, allowing for the development of a system that for the very first time can effectively address and resolve the global scrap tire problem. The SRI “patented” Devulcanization Technology allows for High Recovery Devulcanization, which is high volume based, is cost effective and has a low energy & carbon footprint.

SRI develops custom compounds to meet specific technical challenges while effectively addressing the problem of spiraling raw material costs. Our chemists and technologists based in Malaysia and India apply their considerable experience and knowledge to to the creation of new compound solutions for tomorrow which are solidly based on today’s science.

Scrap Rubber and Tires represent a readily available industrial raw material which is ideally suited for recycling because of its composition and the variety of useful products that can be made from it through a variety of processes. We have formulated and tested several new high-tech methods for recycling scrap tires, although not all of them represent recycling in its original meaning. These methods differ in regard to their products, feasibility, technical efficiency and ecological compatibility. It is our goal to work with technologies that provide the optimum solutions in meeting today’s needs in commercially and technically viable manner.

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