SRI Compound

A new high performance and sustainable raw material for the rubber industry – SRI COMPOUND produced through SRI’s patented Devulcanization Technology is designed to meet customer-specific compound requirements, providing an optimum balance of compatibility, performance and cost savings. On it’s own the SRI Compound is a viable solution for a wide variety of economy based applications literally changing the feedstock dynamic.

Benefits of SRI Compound

  • Significant raw material cost savings
  • Maintains performance in virgin blends
  • A more sustainable rubber compound
  • Production ready in large volumes
  • Impressive performance when vulcanized entirely on its own

SRI Activation Technology

Advantages of SRI Activation Technology

√ High Volume

√ Low Energy

√ No Waste

√ Cost Effective

√ Eco-Friendly

√ Predictable

√ Modular

√ Scalable

Product Applications Examples include:

Retread  –  OTR  –  Passenger, Truck, Cycle and Solid Tires  –  General Rubber Goods
Automotive Components  –  Industrial Rubber  –  Conveyor Belts  –  Hoses  –  Fenders


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