SRI Elastomers Sdn Bhd (SRI) is currently working with our licensees, partners and rubber manufacturers on the following:

  1. Consulting on Processing and Recycling Solutions
  2. Production of custom compounds for the following product ranges:
  • Commercial vehicle and Passenger Car Tyres
  • Pre-Cured Tread Liners – Retread
  • Motorcycle Tyres
  • Bicycle Tyres
  • NR and Butyl Rubber Tubes
  • Automotive Components
  • General Rubber Goods


Ongoing SRI Elastomers Sdn Bhd (SRI) Research Programs

  1. Our program is directed at increasing the speed, cost-efficiency, processing capacity and performance of our Devulcanization technology.  The program is well advanced We have been able to establish an impressive level of performance and viability while maintaining a low energy footprint.
  2. We have incorporated automation wherever possible while ensuring that the necessary monitoring is in place throughout the production process. Maintaining quality and consistency in the SRI Activation process and the final Devulcanized Rubber Compound is Priority #1. For all intents and purposes 3 skilled technicians can run the entire process line producing 6,500Mt/annum
  3. Another objective is the development of recycled elastomers into fully accepted standardized raw material compounds, not merely fillers and diluents, but value-added compounds which contribute to the performance of the final product. With the recent successes we have had SRI has been able to establish 4 separate compounds that fit this category. The 2 primary compounds being NR based Compound from whole truck tyres and SR based Compound from Passenger Car tyres. The others are EPDM compound from EPDM scrap and Butyl Compound from Butyl scrap and inner liner recovery.
  4. Our latest development has produced our first stand alone compound range able by merely adding the requisite sulphur be revulcanized with significant properties commensurate with the specifications of the infeed. This means that the SRI DVR Compound can now be used on its own in a range of applications with acceptable properties while contributing even more when in blends with more challenging applications.
  5. Research into the development of new and advanced Processing Aids is another priority with emphasis on high performance and low cost. (Processing aids are materials that modify the behavior of compounds during processing, or performance performance characteristics of the final product. In rubber technology, processing aids have become a vital component in nearly all manufactured products, molded, extruded or otherwise)

IMG_4090Testing compounds

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